CoviroSoft Antivirus 1.6

CoviroSoft Antivirus 1.6


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Date Added:09 September, 2012

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Covirosoft Antivirus is your comprehensive all-in-one security solution guarding your PC from malware,spyware,adware and other types of malicious software.With Covirosoft Antivirus you have your system cleaned from possible malware infections and also protected from malicious software. Every computer without antivirus protection is at risk of being infected with malicious software.With our software you can not worry about surfing the Internet. All possible and necessary security tools are available with our program and you can sleep quietly. Downloading and installing CoviroSoft Antivirus means safety and complete protection for your home or business PC! Spyware removal Covirosoft Antivirus removes spyware and other malicious software from your PC and also protects your PC from future intrusions and privacy threats! Real-time protection Covirosoft Antivirus is a complex, advanced security system uniting a sophisticated scanner, a reliable and accurate cleaner, a powerful monitor.Our software will also remove the latest threats because the virus database is updated daily. Additional tools Covirosoft Antivirus now includes powerful recover tools and a new technology of protecting people's PCs.Our software was designed to protect your PC with advanced security technology. IE Recovery Center Our new tool included with Covirosoft Antivirus is Internet Explorer Recovery Center.With this powerful tool,you can restore Internet Explorer after,it was attacked by a virus and is in unstable state.This tool allows you to restore Internet Explorer's homepage and to restore Internet Explorer's window title. Scan Logs Save scan logs easily with our new option included with Covirosoft Antivirus 2012. IP Hider Our software now includes a very useful tool:You can hide your IP easily and surf the web complete anounimously.You can choose from over 30 IPs from 3 different server which are being updated daily.All for Free!Don't wait!Download Covirosoft Antivirus 2012 now!

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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